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Global Leaders of Strategy in Menu Engineering

Menus we build with teams are:

  • more profitable for restaurateurs and operators

  • easier for guests to navigate and find new favorite items

  • powerful marketing tools that drive growth and guest retention

For many of our clients, the goal is simple: increase bottom-line profits by fifty cents to one dollar ($1) or more, per guest, per visit. When annualized, by the total guests you see in a year, will have a significant impact on your bottom-line. If you are responsible for your restaurant's financial success, then please schedule a menu checkup.  

Whether you are a global brand or local mom-and-pop shop, we'll craft a strategy to achieve greater success through your menus.

What is Menu Engineering?

Menu engineering is part science, part art. By utilizing data, research, and industry knowledge, restaurateurs and operators can make impactful decisions on their menus to produce specific, measurable results in profitability and guest satisfaction.

Simply put: Menu Engineering is how we build powerful and profitable menus! 


Sean Featured on BBC News World Service Podcast: The Food Chain 

The Food Chain - How to read a menuBBC News
00:00 / 12:21

"In this episode, Ruth Alexander finds out how restaurants use language, psychology and behavioural economics to whet your appetite and increase their profits.

Sean Willard of Menu Engineers in California gives us an insight into the power of using a box on the menu. And thanks to listener Simon in London who emailed with the idea for the programme. Neither he nor we will look at a menu in the same way again."

Presented by Ruth Alexander. Produced by Beatrice Pickup. Enjoy the full episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify:

Menu Design: Find Food You Love
The List Show TV

Menu Design: Find Food You Love

Is Menu Engineering good for guests?

Guest satisfaction is at the center of what we do. We build menus for today’s guests to exceed expectations in 2023, helping them find their next favorite item on your menu. Be it online or in person, we help you deliver a better experience from the first moment guests engage.

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Some amazing teams we're proud to collaborate with

Our team is incredibly grateful to have worked with many leading global brands and independent operations across industries including, restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, theaters, airports, stadiums, educational institutions, and more around the world on menus. We love to hear updates from our clients and are always happy to connect for workshops and speaking engagements when planning new menu changes and tackling big menu goals.