We build better menus.

Menus we build with teams are:

  • more profitable

  • powerful marketing tools

  • easier for guests

We collaborate with teams to increase profitability and drive guest satisfaction through their menus.  We aim to increase restaurants’ bottom line profit. We see lifts in average menu profitability by $.13 to $3.50+ per guest, per visit, or by 3-32%. 

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We will discuss your concept and can offer some initial advice using
our Menu Engineering tactics. 

What is Menu Engineering?

Menu engineering is part science, part art.

By utilizing data, research, and industry knowledge, restaurateurs and operators can make impactful decisions on their menus to produce specific,

measurable results in profitability and guest satisfaction.

Simply put: Menu Engineering is how we build powerful and profitable menus! 

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We help teams of all sizes--
from global chains to mom-and-pop shops.

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Is Menu Engineering good for guests?

Guest satisfaction is at the center of what we do. We build menus for today’s guests and expectations in 2021, helping them find their next favorite item on your menu. Be it online or in person, we help you deliver a better experience from the first moment guests engage.

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Some Returning & Past Clients

Our team is incredibly grateful to have worked with many top Menu Teams around the world. Engaging with Menu Engineers is just the beginning of our relationship - we love to hear updates from our clients and are always happy to connect for update workshops when  planning big menu changes and tackling new menu goals.

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