OUR Process

-- Your menu team is only needed for an hour on Monday

and for Thursday's presentation and workshop! --

Gregg's menu engineering process is made to be simple. It consists of a week of intense examination and consultation. On Sunday, Gregg travels from his home office in Los Angeles to try out the restaurant unannounced and incognito (think Groucho Marx glasses, mustache and trench coat). 

On Monday, the restaurant's menu team meets with Gregg for a "State of the Menu Meeting'' that provides the input on decisions they made for their current menu and the reasoning behind them. We examine the team's challenges and goals, their past menus and the stories behind them. This meeting is important (but not as important as the Thursday meeting!). 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Gregg studies the restaurant's numbers -its cost and sales mix- and visits a few other locations in the chain, and may visit a couple competitors as client sees best fit. Gregg's aim is to acquire a feel for the food, beyond the numbers.

On Thursday, Gregg conducts a larger presentation meeting that begins in the morning that includes the marketing team, your operations people (yes, we let them in!), your advertising agency and its art director - everyone who will be involved the wording, design and production of the new menu. Even the accounting team loves this meeting because it shows them how we can actually use the numbers they have been gathering and the importance accounting plays in this process.


Thursday Afternoon is the menu workshop where the real magic happens! We take each section of the menu and pull it apart then put it back together. 


By the end of the day on Thursday, your team will have new menu layouts for your art director. As design proofs are generated, you include Gregg to be sure the menu is on-track. Our team is then available for post-implementation analysis after 30-60 days of the new menu being in place.

 Money back Guarantee 

Gregg provides clients a money-back guarantee on all of his fees. If recommendations are followed and an increase in profit of $1,000 or more, per restaurant, per month is not achieved, then Gregg returns his fees. Over his thirty-six years...no one's had to ask for a refund. 

Gregg Rapp, Menu Engineer