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Sean featured on NPR:

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The World's Leading Resource on Menu Engineering

Menus we build with teams are:

  • more profitable for restaurateurs and operators

  • easier for guests to navigate and find new favorite items

  • powerful marketing tools that drive growth and guest retention

For many of our clients, the goal is simple: increase bottom-line profits by one dollar ($1) - per guest, per visit - and if you're responsible for your restaurant's financial success, then schedule a call below.


The math is straight forward, you see 700+ guests per week, per location, and together we'll find that extra dollar being left on the table. 

Whether you are a global brand or local mom-and-pop shop, we'll craft a strategy to achieve greater success through your menus.

What is Menu Engineering?

Menu engineering is part science, part art. By utilizing data, research, and industry knowledge, restaurateurs and operators can make impactful decisions on their menus to produce specific, measurable results in profitability and guest satisfaction.

Simply put: Menu Engineering is how we build powerful and profitable menus!