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Our Services

Our service areas are summarized below and each project is estimated based on your team's specific needs and goals -- contact us to connect and discuss. Timeframes vary by team and we tend to work in these intervals:  

  • Sprints - 1-4 weeks

  • Relays - 4-12 weeks

  • Marathons - 6 to 12 months 




menu engineering consulting 

For teams aiming to drive significant growth & impact through their menus our Menu Engineering Consulting is our core service offering. Our consulting services provide a holistic approach to all your menus--print / in-house, takeout, digital / website and 3rd party platforms. This is typically a week-long engagement where we work side-by-side with your team through our data driven, profit-based Menu Engineering process, going through all our Menu Engineering tools, tactics & strategies and deploying them as best fit for your next menu update. At the end of our workshops you will have new layouts for all your menus that are engineered for guest-satisfaction, profitability, and ready for your design team. All projects are priced individually based on scope.


menu design services

We create menu designs that are operationally functional, creative, strategic and always based on teams’ personalized menu goals. For some teams, their goals lean towards flexibility and functionality, meaning they want to be able to make changes quickly / independently and print menu updates in-house. For others, their goals are high-design, art forward menus with stimulating tactile feel and plans to update / print new menus every six or twelve months to an outsourced print shop. Since operational needs and menu goals vary greatly, our menu design services are proposed per project.


menu project management

This is our concierge style "white glove" service for restaurateurs and brands that want the entire menu development project managed by a third-party expert team. Our team works hands-on and directly with your team In this all-inclusive program, we manage and assist in all aspects of The Menu Development Process including, menu design, printing, point-of-sale system updates, 3rd party delivery and review site updates, website menus, internal (staff) updates and anywhere your menu exists that is necessary to be updated.



Free 15-min. Menu Checkup

When was the last time you really stopped to think about your menu? Let's take a look together at your menus and discuss your goals & plans and of course, about your food. A quick, 7 Questions About Your Menus enables our team to get up to speed quickly on your restaurant to make the most of our discussion.

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