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Our Services

Our services take just a few days together and we work side-by-side with most teams for one week engagements. Each project is estimated based on your team's specific needs and goals -- contact us to connect and discuss. There may also be opportunities through your vendors and suppliers to cover all our menu consulting fees. 






menu engineering consulting 

A menu is a reflection of your brand, it is a distillation of your four C's - competencies, costs, culture, and communication. There is no other restaurant with the same products, processes, and staff, as yours. This is true whether you are a global chain or mom-and-pop shop. There is no cookie cutter approach to menu engineering. There is a time-tested and proven process that we have employed throughout the world.


Typically spanning around two business days side-by-side, our clients engage in a structured menu development experience. Post-engagement, our commitment extends over a six-month period, during which we remain dedicated to refining and optimizing your menus as part of our comprehensive service.


keynote speaking on menu strategy

Elevate your team's understanding of menu strategy with our keynote speaking services tailored for franchisors, conferences, and organizations. Sean's expertise, showcased at prestigious venues such as the global Airport Experience conference, Savannah College of Art and Design, Cornell University, and the upcoming feature at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show, empowers teams to forge a cohesive and strategic path forward.


for academia: a dive into menus

This is my way of giving back. Sean will always take the time to connect with students about menus and menu engineering. He has presented to classes at The Savannah College of Art & Design, Cornell University, and more, with enthusiastic engagement from the students each time. When he was an undergrad at Cornell's Hotel School there were so many wonderful guest lecturers and industry leaders and this is Sean's way of paying his gratitude forward to future designers and hospitality leaders. 


for vendors: getting on menus

You manufacture a product or have a service that you want to provide to restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality operations. We help formulate your strategy and fine-tune your value proposition. This can be accomplished either through our consulting process or training workshops with your team. 

menu engineering consulting
mkt researc
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