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Our Services

Our Menu Engineering services are currently available on a remote basis only. 





menu engineering consulting

For teams aiming to drive significant growth & impact through their menus our Menu Engineering Consulting is our core service offering. Our consulting services provide a holistic approach to all your menus--print / in-house, takeout, digital / website and 3rd party platforms. This is typically a week-long engagement where we work side-by-side with your team through our data driven, profit-based Menu Engineering process, going through all our Menu Engineering tools, tactics & strategies and deploying them as best fit for your next menu update. At the end of our workshops you will have new layouts for all your menus that are engineered for guest-satisfaction, profitability, and ready for your design team. All projects are priced individually based on scope.


one-day menu engineering workshop

A one-day intensive Menu Workshop for teams seeking to move their core menu forward quickly and cost-effectively. At the end of the workshop you will have a new menu layout engineered for guest-satisfaction and profitability--ready for your design team. This workshop is an abbreviated version of our holistic Menu Engineering Consulting engagements and focuses on one core menu and less on the why behind the Menu Engineering and is aimed at speed & cost effectiveness for your next menu update. This one-day remote menu workshop consisting of 3-4 x 45-90 minute sessions, input on design & refinement and two runs of our data analysis--with current menu data & post implementation / roll out of the new menu. 


menu strategy jam session - 90 min.

We talk through low-hanging fruit / opportunities on your current menus and share Menu Engineering tactics you can apply immediately to your current menus to begin driving guest-satisfaction & profitability. This is a 90 minute strategy development & brainstorming session and at the conclusion your team will have a few areas to immediately improve your menus and/or a more clear vision for upcoming menu updates.  Our fees for the 90-minute jam session are 425 usd and when you choose to engage our team for further menu engineering consulting services, all fees for this Menu Strategy Jam Session will be fully credited to any future engagement fees, so it's a good place to start for teams that need a quick menu bump.


additional menu services

Some teams need a "few extra boots on the ground" for a variety of menu related needs and our team has executed the menu development process hundreds of times with teams around the world. Our additional services include but are not limited to the following areas: 

  • Menu development project management

  • Menu marketer training, planning & strategizing

  • Menu design, printing & digital menu integration. 

    • Point-of-sale system selection and/or refinement

    • 3rd party delivery optimization

  • Menu content development and copy / description writing ​​

  • Menu training & knowledge quizzes

    • Staff training​

    • Train-the-trainer

  • Restaurant start-up & operations consulting

  • And much more...just ask...



Free 15-min. Menu Checkup

When was the last time you really stopped to think about your menu? Let's take a look together at your menus and discuss your goals & plans and of course, about your food. A quick, 7 Questions About Your Menus enables our team to get up to speed quickly on your restaurant to make the most of our discussion.

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