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Digital Menus: Will QR Codes Kill the Menu?

The prevalence of QR code-linked digital menus rose astronomically throughout the pandemic… they were everywhere!

Some health department jurisdictions even required no handheld menus, leaving restaurateurs and operators with little choice other than to adapt to digital menus.

Nowadays, in late 2022, the pendulum has seemingly swung back towards more normalcy, with handheld/printed menus once again available.

Our Menu Engineers Team believes there are benefits to each, and we recommend a hybrid model of both printed and digital menus. Here are a few of our learnings from the field:

  • Acceptance of digital versus print menus varies by segment of the industry. In quick-service and fast-casual, digital menus tend to be more widely accepted. As we move up the scale into full-service and fine-dining, there is a stronger leaning towards print menus.

  • The preference of digital versus print varies significantly by age demographic. Unsurprisingly, Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to utilize digital menus, whereas Gen X and Baby Boomers prefer print menus. Since we serve all demographics, we recommend providing both options.

  • Why we love digital menus: Digital menus enable flexibility- we can adjust prices at a moment's notice, which is helpful when navigating rapid price fluctuations in our supply chain’s costs of ingredients.

  • Why we love print menus: Print menus are more familiar, romantic, and likely capture guests’ attention for slightly longer than a digital menu.

No matter your segment of the industry, we’re here to assist in making your menus better and easier to navigate, enabling your operation to be more successful. Reach out and let us help you drive greater profits through your menus!

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